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Foreign nationals can obtain permanent resident status in the United States by applying for a green card under the EB-5 category.


  • The candidate’s companion and youngsters younger than 21 will be qualified for green cards also
  • The candidate can get a green card under the EB-5 class by putting USD$500,000 into a venture (for example a business or land improvement project) that is overseen or partnered with an administration approved Provincial Community.
  • The candidate and his going with family will get restrictive green cards inside roughly 14 – 28 months (or more) in the wake of making the venture and recording the green card request.


Two years after the restrictive green cards have been given, the candidate should record a request confirming that

  1. 10 regular positions for U.S. residents or long-lasting occupants have been made as an immediate or roundabout consequence of his/her USD$500,000 speculation or
  2. the region wherein the Territorial Community/project is found has helped monetarily as an immediate or roundabout consequence of the speculation. Assuming that this standard has been met, the condition on the green cards will be taken out. On the off chance that the standard has not been met, the green cards will be removed.

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