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In order to fill critical labor shortages and add essential skills to the workforce, Canada relies on temporary foreign workers. Every year, nearly half a million people with work permits are employed in Canada. Opportunities abound for everyone in the fields of agriculture, healthcare, and information technology (IT).

In most cases, work permits are employer-specific, requiring you to work for the employer listed on them. Your employer must first obtain a positive LMIA (if necessary) before doing so.

However, in some instances, open work permits are also available, including the following:
for a recent DLI and PGWP-eligible program graduate. for a PR applicant in Canada (or a member of the PR applicant’s dependent family).
for the spouse or common law partner of an international student or skilled worker. for a refugee, claimant for refugee status, protected person, or member of their family. For postsecondary co-op work permits, the employer typically requires a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to support a foreign national’s job offer; However, an LMIA is not required for all jobs.

You have a valid job offer, a valid work permit that is exempt from an LMIA, and you have been working full-time for the employer on your work permit for at least one year (or an equivalent amount of part-time work).
A federal-provincial agreement, an international agreement, or the “Canadian interests” category.

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